1 Year warranty on parts - Nationwide.
Servicing from £89.00
1 Year warranty on labour - Nationwide.

Diagnostic, Electrical and Mechanical Specialists

We service and repair the latest cars!

All the latest training & equipment in house to get you back on the road! All repairs no matter how big or small carried out with full parts and labour guarantee!

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From a Mini to a McLaren, we fix them all!


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We have the most advanced wheel alignment system available as used by McLaren, Mercedes, BMW etc!



Save fuel and restore handling and braking by having your wheels aligned properly by experts!

We have made a massive investment in our wheel alignment bay bringing you the best system there is, the Hunter Elite TD as used by all leading car manufacturers.

The Hunter alignment system with our expert technicians is so good that dozens of supercar owners travel from all over Scotland to have us set the alignment on their McLarens, Ferraris & Porsches etc! This procedure  is exactly the same as we use on all our customers cars from a Mini to a McLaren! 


Call today! We will check your wheel alignment FREE OF CHARGE and advise of any adjustments if required. When adjustments start at only £20 + vat per adjustment, why go elsewhere else?

Misaligned wheels can be very costly due to the rapid excess wear of tyres. The overall safety, handling and fuel consumption of the vehicle is seriously reduced.

Modern cars have multiple angle adjustments for the wheels and they all need to be set correctly for the car to perform properly.

Wheel alignment can need adjusted for a number of reasons including hitting potholes in the road, mounting kerbs or excessive wear from steering & suspension components.

Also, if any suspension work or replacement has been carried out then the alignment MUST be checked afterwards, if your garage isn't doing this then they shouldn't be fixing your car.

Adjusting the wheel alignment involves checking the direction and angle of your wheels and adjusting it to the correct setting.

Drivers should monitor unusual tyre wear as this is a common sign of misaligned wheels.

If a tyre is wearing unevenly due to being misaligned those tyres will continue to wear unevenly throughout their life regardless of subsequent correct wheel alignment as the damage will already be done to the tread, they will however wear slower and the vehicles handling will be improved after being correctly aligned.

Tyre wear due to incorrect alignment and the different adjustable angles.

Wheel alignment explained.

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McLaren Senna in Checkpoint Garage Arbroath for full suspension geometry setup.

Manufacturers recommended vehicle servicing

Car manufacturers list the required servicing your car needs for a reason, without it your car WILL quite simply break and it will be more expensive.

It is vital that regular servicing to the manufacturers specifications is carried out on your vehicle, new or old it must be serviced at regular intervals.

We subscribe to the manufacturers requirements for every make and model, so we can tell you what your car requires and not just carry out an oil change when it needs other essential maintenance!

A car is a mechanical machine which is made up of thousands of complex working parts that need to maintained.  

To ensure the life span of your car it needs regular servicing, from changing oil, oil filters, cabin filters and fuel filters to replacing timing belts and suspension components only benefits your cars performance and value in the long run. 

We are able to provide dealer level servicing at independent garage prices without invalidating your manufacturers warranty.

Checkpoint Garage Arbroath can carry out manufacturers level servicing at up to 40% cheaper than the main dealers and your new car warranty is unaffected. 

Servicing to manufacturers recommendations starts from only £89.00


We provide servicing, repairs and diagnostics for makes of vehicles and guarantee a first class service at an affordable price.

Our technicians are trained on all the latest technologies and have state of the art diagnostic equipment to pinpoint any faults in your car as quickly and accurately as possible. We are the only garage in the area with full in house diagnostic capability.



                                                                  Nationwide Warranty

Any parts that need to be replaced will be of the same quality as those that were originally fitted on your vehicle.  All parts and labour supplied by us come with a 1 year no fuss warranty covered nationwide.   We work to the Motor Industries approved Consumer Code of Practice. This commitment to customer care gives you peace of mind in knowing that you are going to be given not only the best technical service, but also the best customer service. If you want affordability combined with the highest technical and customer service standards, then call today.

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